FullRace K-Swap Traction Bar - EG-EK-DC Honda-Acura
FullRace K-Swap Traction Bar - EG-EK-DC Honda-Acura

FullRace K-Swap Traction Bar - EG-EK-DC Honda-Acura

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Full-Race’s legendary K-swap traction bar system is ideal for high power street, autocross and road race applications. Virtually eliminating wheelhop for motor-swapped 92-00 civic and 94-01 integra, this traction bar utilizes a solid front motor mount. This prevents unwanted motor and transmission movement commonly seen on high output FWD vehicles. Engine vibrations will be increased somewhat with this type of motor mount. However, this mount can be easily removed in a few minutes with a basic set of hand tools. Simply install the mount when need be and remove it when it is not desired.

Full-Race recommends using the traction bars to gently pull the LCA towards the front of the car, just 1 turns. This allows a slight increase in caster, kept even from Left to Right



  • ’92-’00 Civic with Honda K Series motor
  • ’94-’01 Integra with Honda K Series motor


  • There is approximately a 6mm / 1/4″ variation of production tolerance from honda civic and integra tow hook brackets.  The traction bars are built to fit all chassis, and there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with tightening the hardware without washers. The tow hook brackets will flex outward and the traction rod connection points remain centered.
  • The “U” shaped Clevis is purposely oversized. This allows for easy installation of the heim joint + 2 misalignment spacers. Tighten it down once everything is installed and the “U” will compress into place