HKS Hipermax IV GT 20Spec DB82 full kit - 2020+ Toyota Supra GR A90 A91 MKV
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HKS Hipermax IV GT 20Spec DB82 full kit - 2020+ Toyota Supra GR A90 A91 MKV

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With the latest setting technology, the ability to be able to drive comfortably and with stability, while still not losing any of the performance on rough street roads is capable.
While the Stock Electrical Shock Absorber performs great. Having conventional shocks gives the driver more control. Our intent is to give the driver various controls and settings to be able to adjust the car to their personal style.
The main development vehicle is a B48 engine that has been boosted-up with 19-inch-high grip radials. These settings were made with the users’ intent in mind.
Dampening is easily adjustable by using a dial. Adjusting this will help the vehicle’s handling on acceleration or deceleration. This allows the rear tires to be able to gain more traction.
The front adopts the traditional HIPERMAX inverted structure, and the cylinder outer is penetrated to the upright mounting part, so that the stroke can be secured even when the vehicle height is lowered.
In addition, a slide type pillow upper has been adopted to the strut making it easier to add camber angle.
The rear upper plate has been machined out of strong, yet lightweight aluminum to consider weight reduction and performance. A rubber mount has been added to the rear upper for ride comfortability.
A straight wound spring type has been adopted for both the front and the rear; Spring rates are easily changeable.
Note: An error cancellation unit is required for the removal of The Stock Electrical Shock Absorber.
Note: The product has been adjusted for the DB22 at the time of shipment. Please re-adjust for the DB42 at the time of install.