Skunk2 Clear Anodized Lower Control Arm 1996-2000 Honda Civic
Skunk2 Clear Anodized Lower Control Arm 1996-2000 Honda Civic
Skunk2 Clear Anodized Lower Control Arm 1996-2000 Honda Civic
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Skunk2 Clear Anodized Lower Control Arm 1996-2000 Honda Civic

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Skunk2 has done it again. While others are busy imitating their LCA’s, Skunk2 engineers have spent years of extensive R & D to revolutionize a product that was once thought to be dialed in. The Ultra Series LCA’s are based off of the same technology the company’s been using in its own race cars for 20 years. Skunk2’s Rear Lower Control Arms are direct replacements, maintain OEM suspension geometry, and are ideal for street and race applications. The Ultra Series Lower Control Arm offers the hardcore racer and discerning enthusiast, the very best of the best.

In a market full of recycled annealed lower control arms, Skunk2 took the Lower Control Arm back to the drawing board. Often not used due to the higher cost, they chose 7075-T6 because of its exceptional strength to weight ratio and fatigue strength. With an ultimate tensile strength of over 78,000 PSI, and fatigue strength of 23,000 psi for 500 million cycles – This is the perfect material for their game changing Ultra LCA’s. The result of hard work is a 7075-T6 Forged Aluminum LCA, that is 19% lighter and 27% stronger than their previous generation of LCA’s.

Accurate suspension geometry is maintained under the most aggressive driving conditions using high load steel spherical bearings on the trailing arm side and tuned durometer elastomeric bushings for the sub frame side of the LCA. Delrin bushings are utilized at the shock mounting position for their low friction and minimal deflection for unparalleled dynamic shock control. Using this select combination of bushings allows the most comfort and control under any driving conditions.

For hardcore race level handling, Skunk2 have also added the option to replace the sub frame side elastomeric bushing with a high load steel spherical bushing for a no-nonsense track car. The bushing change can be done in minutes with basic tools. Properly designed suspension components must be strong and functional first and aesthetically pleasing second. Skunk2’s Rear Lower Control Arms are both. For maximum suspension performance, Skunk2 Rear Lower Control Arms are best complemented with Skunk2 Rear Camber Kits, Lower Arm Bars, and Strut Tower Bars.


CNC Machined from Forged 7075 Aluminum
44% Lighter than OEM Arms
19% Lighter than Original Skunk2 Pro Series Arms
27% Stronger than Original Skunk2 Pro Series Arms
Outboard Spherical Bearing Eliminates Bushing Twist
Tuned Polyurethane Inboard Bushing Dampens NVH
Delrin Shock Mount Bushings for Improved Shock Performance