HKS Fine Tune V-Belt 6PK1149 - 2020+ Toyota Supra GR A90 A91 MKV
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HKS Fine Tune V-Belt 6PK1149 - 2020+ Toyota Supra GR A90 A91 MKV

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  • Improved durability in high temperature (as for rising engine room temperature due to tuning).
  • Works fine even in a cold environment.
  • Lightweight with high anti-wear resistant quality. It does not need to apply extra high-tension and also it can reduce the squeaking sound.
  • The lightweight belt suits variable rotational speed and not only reduces squeaking sound but also provides high transmission efficiency.
  • The belt specially designed for GR SUPRA which uses a special auto-tensioner attached to the alternator.
  • Black color belt with HKS logo.



■Performance  Note: Performance for different vehicles may vary.
☆The advantage of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber)
  • Using EPDM improves durability in high/low temperature and anti-wear resistant etc. compare to the stock V-belt.
  • Relative density is higher than the stock rubber material, that also allows weight saving.
  • At the rib part, mixed with short fibers gained the improved performance of durability and anti-wear resistance compare to the stock.

Replacement type strong V-belt for GR SUPRA






◎Specifications: HKS Belt vs.. Stock

 (The performance may vary depending on a model.)

High Temp Durability Low Temp. Durability Anti-wear resistance Weight saving
4 times 10 times 30% improved 17% lightweight

Note: Performance for different vehicles may vary.


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FINE TUNE V BELT 6PK1149 (Black) 24996-AK051   For GR SUPRA